• Great time with Gasper on the river. It was my first time fly fishing and he was very knowledgeable and helpful. They even helped us find a great apartment in Kobarid.
    Laura Joy Holt
  • Thomas Williams, Nevada
    My guided trip with the guys at Soca Fly couldn't have gone any better. Klemen took me to some of the most amazing spots I've ever fished and gave me the tactics needed to hook up. These days its hard to find a shop that shares the same views for fish conservation and maintaining the ecosystem that is so desperatley needed to maintain these beautiful habitats. This shop genuinley cares for the rivers and the fishery. I am not easily impressed and rarely find a team of guys that are on the same level as me. Thats exactly what you will find at Soca Fly. I have much respect for them and look forward to sharing the experience again in the near future.
    Thomas Williams